Mr Howells bio


I have been training in martial arts for many years now and have enjoyed my journey with all the styles I’ve trained in.

I’ve had the privilege to train with some of the best in the country as well as other martial artists from all over the world.

But leaving martial arts as an adolescent, I always felt as if something was missing in my life.

When my daughter decided she wanted to start her own journey in martial arts I was over the moon, I couldn’t wait to get started.

After that nothing was going to stop me pursuing this amazing life style.

Everyday I look forward to getting in the dojo and teaching children and adults how to stay safe and protect themselves.

I love to be able to pass on my vast knowledge of martial arts.

After receiving my 2nd degree black belt in the discipline I enjoy the most under the guidance of Sifu Steve Harrop, I have been awarded the title of lakan.

Plus i also hold a 3rd degree black belt in Kickboxing also under Sifu Steve Harrop as well.

It’s a huge honour for me to carry this title in the kali escrima style and I’m very privileged.

But my journey will never be finished, as I want to keep learning and evolving.

Mr West’s bio


Married to Mandy we have 5 amazing children. My youngest Keeley I have the pleasure of teaching and training with her every week.

I have been teaching with Mr Howells for many years now as well as training with him and Sifu Steve. Together we are able to teach different styles of Martial Arts to the students that we have training with us every week. I try to bring fun to the classes whilst the students learn Martial arts skills at the same time.

One of my biggest achievements was to receive my 1st degree black belt with my daughter Keeley.

My ambition is to see Evolution Martial Arts Academy to become a success and a place where our students enjoy their training.

I love the elements I bring to the lessons and hope to be able to help as many children in Martial Arts as possible, to keep them safe but have fun at the same time.

Mrs Williams

Assistant Instructor

I have been training with Mr Howells for the past 6 years and have gained my 1st degree black belt.

I love all aspects of Martial Arts and have a thirst to gain more knowledge in everything i’m taught.

Both of my sons and my youngest daughter train and both of my boys have their 1st degree black belt, my daughter is on her way to getting her Mini Ninja black belt.

I absolutely love teaching the Mini Ninjas and the Junior Warriors each week and enjoy watching them grow in confidence. Teaching children is my pleasure and enjoy being in class each week.

Plus i also run the side venture of Evolution which is Evo-Fit, this is our keep fit classes based on Martial Arts.

Mr Elliott

Assistant Instructor

Mr Elliott has been training with Mr Howells for 6+ years now as do his family.

He has now gained his 1st degree black belt under Mr Howells and is always looking to better himself in the Martial Arts world.

He is a fantastic role model for the children and is always glad to help them if they are struggling. Plus guiding his youngest daughter Bella, helping her and encouraging her to be the best she can be.

Mr Elliott is an fantastic addition to the Evolution family.

Miss Waryck

Assistant Instructor

Miss Wayrck has been training with Mr Howells for the past 7 years now.

She has gained her 1st degree black belt and is now looking to achieve her 2nd degree.

She has been amazing in the classes, always making the children smile and pushing them to be the best.

When Miss Waryck isn’t in the class she is working in the security industry at Plymouth Docks.

Miss Waryck is the perfect person to help your child achieve excellence.

Miss Fellows

Assistant Instructor

Miss Fellows has been training for the past 5 years with Mr Howells.

At the moment she is on her deputy black belt but is looking to take her 1st degree very soon.

Miss Fellows is amazing with the children, always able to break down techniques so that each student can master what they are doing at the time. So patient and always  willing to help all the Evolution students.

Miss Fellows trains alongside her two daughters, Freya and Sharna who are both also deputy black belts.

Miss Fellows is a joy to not only teach but to work alongside, a real passion for Martial Arts, and a hunger to always help others.