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You Live, You Learn, You Evolve

Evolution martial arts academy has an open-minded philosophy to martial arts, incorporating all martial arts as a whole.

We aim to achieve the best of each individual student to the best of their ability and help them achieve excellence.

Martial arts are always evolving and with evolution martial arts academy we will pave the way forward and always evolve.


Plus take  look at our amazing Evo-Fit page for our Martial Arts cardio keep fit session being run in Plymouth.

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13 November 2019
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Evolution Martial Arts Academy believes in creating an ego-free training environment, based on the values of humility, integrity, modesty, and respect.


Our adult elite program is perfect for any age. From 12+ years this program is ready to push you that bit further.

We have it all ready for you to jump straight in, whether you’re a complete beginner to someone who has trained in martial arts before.

We aim to help with fitness, weight loss, social skills but most of all self-protection. Catering to each individual’s needs and abilities.

Keeping fit through exercise, strength and conditioning we will help you reach your goals.

Our adult elite program will teach you martial arts from different combat styles and help you stay safe.


Our junior warriors program has been designed for 7 – 12 year olds.

Moving on to the next step from the mini ninja’s program we aim for your child to gain confidence, show respect to their peers, help with discipline and help with the everyday problems children of that age face.

Our junior warriors are taught how to stay fit, learn how to stay safe and how to become amazing young individuals.

They will also learn how to use martial arts weapons in a fun and safe environment.

Our junior warriors program is perfect for your young children to help them go from adolescents to young amazing adults.


Our mini ninja’s program has been specifically designed for the younger children. We ain to boost confidence in your child to help them in everyday life. Our program will help them with their balance and coordination and become fitter through exercise. The program will also help the children’s motor skills and movement.

Our mini ninja’s program is perfect for our 4-6 year olds. Bringing fun to the class as well as instilling discipline to each child.

We are the fun family martial arts academy you’ve been looking for.